FLORISSANT, Mo. (KMOV.com) --  Sixteen people were arrested Saturday night after protesters clashed with officers outside of the Florissant police headquarters.

Protesters have been gathering outside the Florissant Police Department for weeks after a video surfaced showing a now former Florissant police officer drive his SUV into an unarmed man. 

Protesters have demanded all officers who were present during the incident be fired and charged. Joshua Smith, who was driving the unmarked patrol car was charged with assault, felony, misdemeanor and armed criminal action. 

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The charges came two weeks after the incident itself happened. 

The man seen hit in the video was chased because he was in a car matching the description of another vehicle wanted for a shots fired call from May 30. The man was not the one police officers were looking for. 

[WATCH: 2nd video shows the moment a Florissant police officer hit an unarmed man with patrol car]

But people still went with their signs and protested outside the police department demanding for the other officers to be charged and fired. 

The protest on Saturday was not a peaceful one, according to the police department. Officers gave four verbal warnings to disperse a crowd of hundred people but the orders were not met.

"The Florissant Police Department has made available a large grassy area just west of the police department as well as the sidewalks for protesters. This group refuses to use these designated areas and continuously blocks the five-lane highway," the department wrote in a Facebook post.

Police said some among the crowd threw frozen water bottles, glass bottles , batteries and rocks at officers, injuring several of them. 

"At this point officers deployed mace and one less lethal bean bag round. The less lethal deployment was used during an active assault on an officer by a member of this group," officials said.

The person who assaulted the officer ran away before they could be taken into custody.

It's still unknown how many officers were injured and how badly their injuries are. 

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