Mother, daughter battling breast cancer

(Meredith/WNEM) -- A mother and daughter are fighting together against a disease trying to take both of their lives.

Julie Gath came out of retirement to work at Bayne’s Apple Farm in Michigan to help pay for her daughter’s breast cancer treatments, but then she was also diagnosed with breast cancer.

“One of the biggest blessings here at Bayne’s has been our staff. And our staff isn’t staff, our staff is family,” said Jenean Coughlin, co-owner of Bayne’s Apple Valley Farm.

Coughlin said she gets emotional just thinking about her family’s business and the employees who have turned into family at the apple farm. Yet, she said one staff member is in need of some extra help this holiday season.

“When Julie came to us mid-season as a sandwich artist we knew she was pretty special,” Coughlin said.

Gath said she came out of retirement to help earn money for her daughter who is battling breast cancer. She said she started to make headway when the unthinkable happened.

“Within an hour I had a call from Covenant that I needed to come back and have a biopsy,” Gath said.

Both Gath and her daughter are not battling breast cancer together. It hits close to home at Bayne’s as Coughlin and another employee are survivors of breast cancer themselves.

The company is raising money for Gath and her daughter’s family. They are selling Gath’s famous snack mix and caramel apples, along with hosting a special fundraising event next Thursday.

Coughlin said it’s the very least they could do this Thanksgiving.

“Many, many years ago I was diagnosed and when I look at my beautiful daughter Carlie I can only imagine what Julie is feeling,” Coughlin said.

As for Gath, she said she is praying for a miracle.

“Every night my prayer was to give me cancer and take it from her. Let her live. She had a 2-year-old,” Gath said.

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