Idaho Mom Arrested for Visiting Playground Closed During Coronavirus Pandemic

Controversy has erupted in Idaho after a mother was arrested and charged with trespassing while visiting a playground that is closed during the coronavirus pandemic. "I feel like I was singled out, because I was the only person that was arrested," Sarah Brady said.

The incident happened at a park in Meridian, where anti-lockdown parents reportedly sent out a plea on social media: "There are a bunch of us taking our kids to [the] the park ... to tear the tape off the playground ... let's take a stand!"

Police said they went to the playground after receiving several calls about what was taking place. When they got there, they say the caution tape and metal signs announcing the playground was closed had been removed. Police then repeatedly informed everyone it was time to clear out. 

"Under what grounds?" Brady can be heard telling the officer in video of the arrest.

"I just told you, we can close it any time," the officer responded.

Brady then replied, "I'm sorry, I didn't hear you. You don't need to talk to me rude. I'm just a mom with my kids."

The families were told they were "welcome to utilize other areas of the park if they choose," authorities said. 

When Brady refused to leave, she was arrested. Other people gathered in the area protested as she was led away by police.

In a statement, cops said the mom-of-two was charged with trespassing after failing to "adhere to the rules [in these] very trying times."

Her arrest triggered protests outside city hall.


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