Chef Martin Lopez shares his special Salsa recipe with us!


4 large plump ripe tomatoes

1 large fresh jalapeno

8 dried “chile de arbol” peppers

½ medium yellow onion

3 fresh garlic cloves

¼ cup of chopped fresh cilantro

1 tablespoon salt


1- Start by washing the vegetables and let them dry.

2- Cover a medium size skillet with foil and turn it on high on your stove, roll your tomatoes over with a little olive oil to grease them and char your tomatoes right over the hot skillet lined with foil all around, once they are charred all around carefully use the foil to create a pocket to continue to cook until soft. You can also use the same “foil” technique using your oven broiler to roast them.

Once tomatoes are chard and cooked pull the burnt skin off the tomatoes and set them to the side to cool. I like to leave some char skin on for flavor.

3- If you don’t like your salsa to be really hot you can take some of the seeds out from the fresh jalapeno using only the meat of the pepper.

Next, in a small skillet sauté the jalapeno with the dry “chiles de arbol” in a little Olive Oil to blister and being careful not to burn them.

4- First - place the peppers in a blender with the fresh onion and garlic and add a little water to help it blend and to turn it into a smooth sauce.

5- Second - Once the tomatoes are cooled add with the fresh cilantro and salt to the blender with the peppers sauce, and do NOT over blend your tomatoes and cilantro, this part is important as you want a chunky salsa so just pulse your blender it once or twice.    

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