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We started this podcast almost two years ago as a way to showcase and support the incredible chefs, brewers and small business owners across St. Louis. Now amidst the Coronavirus our independent businesses need all of us more than ever. While many of them have had to close their doors this week in an effort to stop the spread of COVID19, we are seeing love for all of these business as they try to figure out a way to stay afloat.

This week we chatted over the phone with a few about how they are handling the situation. First up, Kevin Lemp, owner of 4 Hands Brewery discusses how they found a way to use their resources to make hand sanitizer, a much needed product right now. Then Joel Crespo of Guerilla Street Food joined us with some real talk about the challenges they and hundreds of other restaurants are facing and the tough and uncertain future that look ahead. Christina Weaver of The Women’s Creative shares the goal behind #314Together, a movement their organization along with Jordan Bauer of @stlouisgram, created to help elevate and support businesses during this time. And the time to get creative is now. That’s what Mary Hennesy, co-owner of Urban Matter, a boutique on South Grand shares how they are adapting when customers aren’t allowed inside.

We know things are changing rapidly, and the best we can do is try to support those working to make ends meet.

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The impact of the Coronavirus and how to help St. Louis businesses

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