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Why do I need storm spotter training?
Because safety is so important and you’ll need to know what to report and what not to report.

Why do you need storm spotters?
Storm spotters help keep people safe from severe weather by motivating them to take shelter. It’s that simple. When a trained storm spotter reports severe weather or damage, people about to be hit by that storm are more likely to seek shelter. Meteorologists can interpret radar signatures, but we don’t truly know what’s happening on the ground without storm spotters. That's where you come in.

What is storm spotting?
This is not storm chasing where people seek out dangerous weather. Storm spotting is monitoring and reporting severe weather when it happens to roll through your neighborhood. You will learn how to safely send reports on severe weather, damage, flooding or even rainfall and snowfall amounts. How much you participate is up to you. It is completely voluntary.

In order to join the team, you must attend storm spotter training. To register for our free training session, complete the form below.
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