Raquel and Stephanie

Raquel and her mother Stephanie

In 2010, a five-year-old girl, Raquel, was diagnosed with a rare disorder called “Wolfram Syndrome.” Raquel happened to be the niece of the San Francisco Giants first baseman and six-time Gold Glove winner, J.T. Snow.

Since the diagnosis, her mother, Stephanie, and her brother J.T., have started the Snow Foundation. The foundation’s mission is to be “a voice for rare disease, working towards a cure for Wolfram Syndrome and developing novel therapies for diabetes, vision loss, hearing loss and neurodegeneration.”

Wolfram Syndrome is a rare genetic disorder that is accompanied by a deadly form of diabetes. More than 60% of patients die before the age of 30.

Raquel with puppy 2010

Raquel holding a puppy in 2010

When J.T.’s niece, Raquel, was diagnosed, there were no drug therapies or cures that existed for the rare disorder. The Snow Foundation is hoping to change that by being the single largest supporter of Wolfram Syndrome research in the world, as well as playing a central role in international research efforts. In addition to this support, the foundation provides valuable insight, resources, and support to those affected by the syndrome and their families. With this support, they can feel empowered with knowing how to care for those affected and positively impact their future.

The Snow Foundation has identified a new cellular mechanism responsible for diabetes and neurodegeneration. This discovery puts the foundation's team very close to identifying potential treatment options for the deadly syndrome and could potentially cure other neurological disorders such as Alzheimer and Parkinson’s.

To support the foundation’s research, click here.

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