BRENTWOOD, Mo. ( -- We all know about stress in the workplace, and even in college. But, how about grade school? Educators do say that young students also suffer from anxiety and stress.

Every Monday morning the entire student body at McGrath Elementary in Brentwood gather to perform breathing and relaxation exercises. It’s known as mindfulness training.

Principal Cindy Neu started this three years ago.

“I’ve seen kids out on the playground using the exercises to calm themselves,” Neu said. “That’s the highest level and that’s what I want to see.”

The mindfulness idea is catching on around the world. In England, 400 schools are taking part in a three year student to see if the exercises can help reduce behavior problems.

A teacher at a British academy said that in less than three months her school has seen an 80% drop in reports of behavior-related problems.

Students in Brentwood said the exercises really are helpful.

“It’s very calm, and when you do it helps you get ready for the day so you’re not all hyper when you’re ready to learn,” 5th grader Parker Woodruff said.

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