For over 20 years, KMOV has partnered with Forest Park Forever on their year end membership drive. We are asking you to join us on Wednesday, December 11th from 6am – 7pm for a very special Day 4 Forest Park! This day will focus on our region’s greatest civic treasure – a place of beauty and joy for millions of visitors each year!

Day 4 Forest Park

Forest Park Forever is a private nonprofit conservancy that partners with the City of St. Louis to restore, maintain and sustain Forest Park. At 1,300 acres and filled with historic structures and expansive greenspace, Forest Park is expensive to care for. Your donations are crucial and help maintain our park – planting trees and flowers, maintaining the popular recreation path, adding visitor amenities, maintaining iconic sites like the Emerson Grand Basin and the World’s Fair Pavilion and so much more.

Now is the perfect time to give.

Call on December 11th to give a one time donation, or take advantage of the amazing year end membership drive offer, made possible by Enterprise Holdings Foundations. New members can join at a 50% discount.

• $25 (+$25 match) — Senior Friend (normally $50)

• $30 (+$30 match) — Park Friend (normally $60)

• $50 (+$50 match) — Keeper of the Park (normally $100)

• $50 (+$50 match) — Young Friend (normally $100)

• $90 (+$90 match) — Park Naturalist (normally $180)

• $150 (+$150 match) — Park Trustee (normally $300)

• $250 (+$250 match) — Park Guardian (normally $500)

• $500 (+$500 match) — Leffingwell Society (normally $1,000)

To learn more about each membership, click here

To become a member today, click here 

For more information, call 314-367-7275.

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