Steve Templeton

Chief Meteorologist
Steve Templeton

Chief Meteorologist Steve Templeton forecasts the weather for News 4 every weekday evening from 4 to 10.

Steve is one of the first Meteorologists in the country to receive the Certified Broadcast Meteorology seal from the American Meteorological Society. He also holds the Seal of Approval from the National Weather Association.

Steve earned a degree in Atmospheric Science from Purdue University. He started his meteorology career as Chief Meteorologist at KFXB in Dubuque, Iowa. He then moved to Des Moines as a meteorologist for WHO, covering a big part of the region known as “tornado alley.”

Seeing a chance to be close to family while continuing to forecast wild weather, Steve moved to St. Louis and joined KMOV. Steve's wife, Rebecca, grew up in the St. Louis area, in nearby Nashville, IL. Steve and Rebecca started a family here. Their two young sons make life fun, and so much busier! But Steve's in-laws make great babysitters when he and Rebecca want to go out for a ball game, or dinner, and all that St. Louis has to offer.