Flushable wipes causing expensive mess for homeowners, sewer systems

Credit: KMOV

ST. LOUIS (KMOV.com) - An everyday household product used by many Americans is going down the drain with a hefty price.

“It causes backups into your home,” said Sean Hadley with the Metropolitan Sewer District (MSD)

Sewer experts say flushable toilet wipes are becoming a big mess for not only homeowners but local sewer districts as well.

Hadley said they’ve heard about smaller sewer districts battling the backup from wipes, which are clogging their system.

“The pipes that they’re going down are not very big,” he said.

Those wipes are getting trapped and, in worse cases, causing backups in people’s homes.

MSD says in the last 12 months nearly 200 backups have been reported. Some are a result of wipes clogging the system.

News 4 found most insurance companies won’t cover sewage backups if the problem was caused by the homeowner.

The fix could cost thousands of dollars.

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Ashli Lincoln is a general assignment reporter for News 4 St. Louis