BALTIMORE, Md. (WBAL/Meredith) -- A 4-year-old with leukemia is in desperate need of a life-saving treatment.

Ailani Myers knows a lot about medical treatments.

"They are going to take the blood out of me, and then they are going to put in a machine and make it into medicine and then put it back in my body,” she said.

Ailani has done a lot of chemo, radiation and has had many blood transfusions. She has been in treatment for her leukemia for more than a year.

Tamika Cobb is a longtime family friend and advocate for the 4-year-old.

"No kid should have to live like that. No kid should have cancer,” she said.

Ailani is fighting at Johns Hopkins but she needs a blood cell transplant. In 2019, she received a transplant from her dad.

"They are like really great parents,” Cobb said. “The type of parents that you know through all of this try to make sure she still learning, and try to stay strong for her.”

Ailani’s family has been told she has a two to three month window to find a perfect match.

“Her dad was her first donor but he's only a half match so she really needs to have a 10/10match,” Cobb said.

Be The Match is the world’s largest registry. Someone signing up and swabbing their cheek could make all the difference for Ailani.

“If you can’t register, pray. And if you can’t register, give the message to your church, give the message to people you work with, spread the message, please take the time to register to help Ailani,” Cobb said.

Ailani doesn’t need a miracle, she just needs a match.

According to the American Cancer Society, leukemia is the most common cancer in children and teens, accounting for almost one out of three childhood cancers.

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