Imperial residents raise concerns over people blowing through stop sign outside their neighborhood

Published: Nov. 14, 2023 at 4:19 PM CST
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IMPERIAL, Mo. (KMOV) - Community members in Imperial are raising concerns over a stop sign outside their subdivision they say many people are blatantly ignoring.

Bob Pollard’s house sits at the corner of Windsor Harbor Lane and Timothy Lane in Imperial, right across from Windsor Schools.

“You drive differently when you come to that side street,” Pollard said.

Pollard’s house is also right next to a stop sign that he said is causing a lot of chaos for people living in the subdivision.

“On any given day, 50-100 cars with no problem not stopping,” Pollard said.

It’s something First Alert 4 saw firsthand, capturing video of cars ignoring the sign.

“You can tell the car is not even going to break for it,” Pollard said.

Pollard has security cameras around his house but added even more to face the stop sign, showing First Alert 4 video after video of people blowing through the stop sign.

“I’ve been hit two years ago there head on,” Pollard said.

It’s a concern Brad Hackenwerth said is only growing as more families with young kids move into the subdivision.

“It’s a stop sign,” Hackenwerth said. “Just stop.”

Hackenwerth’s nieces and nephews walk to school, which is just across the street.

“The kids coming from school and going to school, there’s been some close calls, and it’s just going to take one time,” Hackenwerth said.

Hackenwerth said anything to make people stop would help, but there are things he would like to see added.

“Temporary rumble strips on the road ahead of the stop sign or the lights around the stop sign,” Hackenwerth said.

First Alert 4 reached out to the Jefferson County Department of Public Works to ask what could be done to improve safety at the stop sign. We were told the department would look into the intersection for possible solutions.