Residents debate over controversial book found in St. Charles County library

There’s a debate in St. Charles County over a book some say is borderline pornographic.
Published: Sep. 19, 2023 at 10:16 PM CDT
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ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOV) - There’s a debate in St. Charles County over a book some say is borderline pornographic.

The book is “Bang Like a Porn Star: Sex Tips from the Pros” and is written by Winston Gieseke. Concerned residents say the book is easily accessible to children, and they voiced their concerns during Tuesday night’s St. Charles City-County Library Board of Trustees meeting at the Spencer Road Branch.

“It shouldn’t be in a public library point blank,” said Rachel Homolak. “It’s obscene!”

Homolak and others aren’t just mad about the title. It’s also the words and pictures between the covers. Homolak recorded this video showing us the images and graphics she has a problem with.

Critics tell First Alert 4 that the book was placed on a bookshelf’s second shelf in the Kisker branch last week, which they say is easily accessible to children. They claim the book violates obscenity laws and needs to be removed from public libraries.

“The person who put this book into circulation should all be fired,” said Homolak.

However, some disagree, saying literature lends itself to freedom of expression and that public libraries are for everyone.

“Everybody deserves a chance to read something and discover and learn about who they are,” said Grayson Jostes.

First Alert 4 checked online and could not find the book in St. Louis City, County or in Metro East libraries.

Jason Kuhl, the CEO of the St. Charles City-County Library, said Tuesday was the first time he’s heard of any issues and recommends those concerned to fill out a form. They’ll then examine the book to see if it violates any laws.

“We convene a committee, then read the entire work, no matter how long it is, we shoot for 30 days to get back to them,” said Kuhl.