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Logo for the North Sarah Food Hub
Logo for the North Sarah Food Hub(North Sarah Food Hub)
Published: Jul. 6, 2023 at 12:05 PM CDT|Updated: Jul. 24, 2023 at 9:45 AM CDT
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The North Sarah Food Hub, an initiative by Holistic Organic Sustainable Cooperative (HOSCO), was born out of a vision to create a more equitable and sustainable food and agriculture system in our community. Recognizing the significant disparities in food access, coupled with a desire to support local farmers and create meaningful jobs, we embarked on this journey several years ago. Since then, our organization has grown, evolved, and adapted, continually responding to the changing needs of our community and the broader food system landscape.

Our mission is straightforward yet powerful: to shape our community’s food and agriculture systems with a people-first approach. We believe that a truly sustainable and resilient food system is one that is inclusive, fair, and community-led. This mission is not just about providing access to fresh, local, and nutritious food - it’s also about building stronger connections between producers and consumers, fostering local economic development, and promoting a culture of food literacy and sustainability.

At the North Sarah Food Hub, we’ve embraced this mission through several key initiatives. These include providing support and resources for local farmers, developing a centralized food aggregation, processing and distribution facility, and operating a mobile market to bring fresh produce to underserved areas of our community. We’ve also focused on education, offering workshops and training sessions on topics like sustainable agriculture, food safety, and healthy eating.

Throughout our evolution, the North Sarah Food Hub has remained steadfast in its commitment to community engagement and collaboration. We’ve been continually shaped by the voices, experiences, and wisdom of our community members, and we firmly believe that this is our most significant strength. As we look to the future, we’re excited to continue our journey, pushing boundaries, pioneering new approaches, and creating a food system that truly serves our community.

The North Sarah Food Hub, led by HOSCO, plays several crucial roles within our local community and significantly contributes to its overall development and well-being:

Food Access Facilitator: We ensure equitable access to nutritious and locally-produced food, particularly in areas identified as food deserts. Our mobile markets deliver fresh produce directly to underserved communities, while our food voucher program makes it more affordable for low-income families to buy healthy food options.

Local Economy Booster: By strengthening the local food supply chain, we support economic development and job creation. From farmers to processors, retailers, and food service providers, we create and sustain jobs within the community. Moreover, our food business incubator supports budding food entrepreneurs, stimulating innovation and entrepreneurship in the regional food sector.

Education and Training Provider: We enhance the food literacy of our community by conducting workshops and training sessions on sustainable agriculture, food safety, and healthy eating habits. We also offer technical assistance and resources to local farmers, boosting their production capacity and sustainability practices.

Community Engagement Leader: We work closely with community members, local institutions, and other stakeholders to understand the unique challenges and opportunities within our food system. Our approach ensures the solutions we develop are tailored to our community’s needs and aspirations.

Sustainability Advocate: By promoting local food production and consumption, we help reduce our community’s environmental footprint. At the same time, our support for sustainable farming practices contributes to the preservation of our local ecosystems and biodiversity.

Through these roles, the North Sarah Food Hub not only improves the immediate food environment of our community but also fosters long-term resilience and sustainability. Expansion