Illinois Bill enhances community college credit transfers

Published: Jun. 2, 2023 at 5:55 AM CDT
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QUINCY (WGEM) - Students looking to save time and money by credits by transferring community college credits to colleges just got a little easier for them.

An Illinois Bill looks to make it where more community college student credits can transfer to public colleges and universities in Illinois.

John Wood Community College Dean of Students Tracy Orne said credit transfers from community colleges are accepted by most institutions, the bill enhances it to make sure major specific courses are accepted.

Orne said sometimes, some colleges and universities will accept major specific courses students take at a community college as electives. She said this bill would give students a jump start when they go to public colleges and universities, allowing them to get right into upper level classes.

“Some of the sectors we try to serve in our region include agriculture, healthcare, manufacturing, and of course business, psychology, those are a lot of our popular majors. But we try to make sure that we let students know they start on a career path that’s gonna benefit them in the long run with a great salary and a good quality of life,” Orne said.

She said this bill is for Illinois Public colleges and universities, but John Wood does have agreements similar to this with other colleges, both public and private, in state and out of state as well.

For students, it’ll really benefit them by saving them money. Pittsfield native Lauren Archer says she is looking to get her bachelors in marketing, along with studying business and agriculture. She says she’s glad the credits she got at John Wood will transfer seamlessly and allow her to get her degree faster.

“The money aspect isn’t the only thing, it’s the time thing. And so now when I’m transferring I already have those gen eds under my belt, I have that associates degree and then I can just get right on the path and finish my bachelors degree super easily and seamlessly,” Lauren Archer, a student trustee said.

The bill has passed both house and senate, and now awaits the Governor’s signature.

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