Clayton Police continue to look for ‘Peeping Tom’

Published: May. 30, 2023 at 10:20 PM CDT
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CLAYTON (KMOV) -- Clayton Police say they’re still working to substantiate a Peeping Tom incident from a few weeks ago in which residents told News 4 a man was seen looking into a window of a residential building before being chased away by another man.

“Early in the morning, me and my fiance were woken to the sound of a neighbor of ours screaming for help asking to call the police,” said Shannon Turner.

Turner lives across the street from the building where the alleged Peeping Tom was seen three weeks ago.

“Somebody had been peeping in the window and the guy that was screaming for help chased the guy around the neighborhood,” said Turner.

News 4 has previously covered a similar incident in the same neighborhood before, the Moorlands.

Video from May of last year shows a man maneuvering around a railing to get access to a window. Clayton Police said the man in the video matches the description of a man seen in other incidents.

Jen Trau says the neighborhood is filled with Washington University students and young families, and she feels safe.

But it makes some sense why this neighborhood is being targeted.

“I think it’s so accessible you can see there are so many doors and windows on the ground floor that it’s just so accessible for anybody to look in,” said Trau.

One neighbor told News 4 off camera she believes he used a stray ladder to peek in during the most recent incident.

Clayton Police believe he is specifically targeting women.

“I personally live on the third floor so it doesn’t necessarily worry me so much but for women who live on the first floor I can see how it would be I guess an unexpected concern,” said Turner.

Every woman News 4 spoke with on and off camera said they’re now being extra vigilant.

“Maybe give an extra look when I get out of the car or something and entering my building because there is no secure lock on that side,” said Trau.

Clayton Police said they’re putting all their resources towards catching the man.

They also said anybody that sees a Peeping Tom should call 911 and not chase them.