‘An inconvenience and a safety hazard’ Seniors in Jennings struggle to get around after elevator breaks down at apartment complex

Published: Mar. 20, 2023 at 10:16 PM CDT
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ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOV) - A broken elevator is causing headaches and stress for those living on the second and third floors of the ‘Jennings Place 3′ independent living facility in Jennings.

“We live here and we want to stay here but we want to be treated fairly,” said resident Mary Boyle.

Mary Boyle likes her apartment complex, but over the last ten days, she says she’s had concerns. Mainly, it’s been tough to get around due to an unusable elevator.

“I just had my knee replaced four months ago, so going up and down the stairs does not really work for me,” said Boyle.

She’s had to make changes to everyday chores.

“I have to leave my groceries in the car overnight until my son gets off,” said Boyle.

She’s one of many at the apartment complex that has to deal with a broken elevator. Residents got a notice on March 10 stating it could take a week or longer to repair the elevator.

Since then, Alva Maxwell-Brown is always wearing her life alert device in case she tumbles on the stairs.

“It is kind of hard to get up and down the stairs, and I have feet problems, and I’m supposed to stay off my feet, but I have to be on them more now because the elevator is broken,” said Maxwell Brown. “It’s really an inconvenience and a safety hazard.”

News 4 reached out to Fairway Management, who runs the complex, and they requested we send them a list of questions. So far, we haven’t gotten an email response back.

The North County Fire Department Chief Keith Goldstein said he was only aware the elevator was out Monday.

He said he wanted to know why it took over a week for him to be notified and said the company apologized for the late notice.

Third-floor resident Linda Stewart can get around okay but said there has been a clear lack of communication.

“There’s no one to talk to,” said Stewart.

Chief Goldstein did say he was told the elevator would be fixed as soon as Tuesday as the company needed a specific part.

Until it’s fixed, the tight-knit group of residents are making it work.

“I’ve seen a lot of residents helping residents,” said Stewart.

Including getting Boyle downstairs when she needs to go out.

“They just helped me down here!” said Boyle.

The notice from management also said that residents would get assistance with trash pickup and with taking groceries up the stairs.

All the residents News 4 spoke with said that has not happened, saying they helped each other take the trash downstairs.