Man accused of murder back in jail after a week out on bond

On Tuesday, a St. Louis man accused of murder went from walking free to back in handcuffs when a judge revoked his bond a week after another judge released him.
Published: Mar. 7, 2023 at 6:20 PM CST
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ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOV) - On Tuesday, a St. Louis man accused of murder went from walking free to back in handcuffs when a judge revoked his bond a week after another judge released him.

It’s another case putting attention on Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner’s Office. At the end of February, Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey began formal court proceedings to try and have Gardner removed from office. Governor Mike Parson has also said he supports efforts to remove Gardner.

Those calls came in the wake of a tragic downtown St. Louis crash. In February, 21-year-old Daniel Riley was illegally driving and violating his bond when he was accused of causing a crash that caused a 17-year-old volleyball player to have both her legs amputated. Riley was on bond for an armed robbery case. News 4 Investigates uncovered how Riley violated his bond over 100 times in two years.

Gardner claims her office tried to get Riley’s bond revoked at least three times during “oral motions.” Gardner has not provided proof of those motions, and News 4 Investigates uncovered court records showing prosecutors agreed to Riley’s bond on multiple occasions.

Last week, Michael Davis was released on bond and put on house arrest with a GPS monitor. The Judge who gave Davis bond was now former Judge Michael Mullen. News 4 Investigates reported how that was one of Mullen’s last decisions on the bench. He retired the next day.

Prosecutors put their objections in writing and filed a motion to have Davis’ bond reviewed the same day Davis was released.

That’s why a week later, Davis was back in court Tuesday, this time in front of a different Judge, Scott Millikan.

During the hearing, Judge Millikan said he was concerned Davis allegedly shot an unarmed man multiple times. Judge Millikan also told the court that in his five years on the bench, he had not given bond to someone facing a first-degree murder charge.

Davis’ lawyer Charles Barberio told the court the shooting was self-defense and that Davis did not have any prior violent felony charges. Barberio also claims there was supposed to be a jury trial in January, but it was pushed back seven months because prosecutors weren’t ready.

As he revoked bond, Judge Millikan told Davis, “the system has done a disservice to you and I’m disappointed in the system.”

Judge Millikan did not specify what part of the judicial system he was referring to. Judge Millikan did say if Davis’ July trial was postponed by prosecutors, there may be a need to review bond then.

The Judge was cut off as Davis’ loved ones started yelling in court.

Davis’ family told News 4 Investigates off camera that they believe Davis is caught in the middle as the St. Louis Circuit Attorney’s Office faces increased attention when it comes to bond.

Judge Millikan also called out prosecutors in court saying they weren’t prepared for Tuesday’s hearing. The prosecutor told the court he hadn’t watched the video that allegedly shows the shooting, and he also hadn’t submitted the video to Judge Millikan as evidence.

The Circuit Attorney’s Office has not responded to requests for comment.