Local nonprofit carrying on George Washington Carver’s legacy

Missouri native Dr. George Washington Carver revolutionized America’s agriculture.
Published: Feb. 10, 2023 at 9:31 AM CST
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ST. LOUIS (KMOV) – Missouri native Dr. George Washington Carver revolutionized America’s agriculture.

Carver was born into slavery before it was abolished. He is one of the most prominent Black scientists of the 20th Century. His love for nature led him on a path of inspiring generations to come.

George Washington Carver Farms, a nonprofit in North City, is carrying on his legacy by transforming abandoned pieces of land and lifting the community.

“We are in the 63107 zip code, which is one of the poorest zip codes in the State of Missouri,” said Nick Speed, founder of George Washington Carver Farms.

Speed is meeting poverty with food justice and environmental stewardship. Operating on a principle of maximizing potential and opportunity wherever you find it.

“It’s not only important that we create fresh nutritious foods that is accessible to the folks living in these communities but also create education, teaching folks where their food comes from, teaching folks about the importance about knowing how to grow your own food,” he explained.

The dream of growing food in Black neighborhoods didn’t happen overnight. It’s rooted deep in the name of the farm itself.

“George Washington Carver Farms is dedicated to Carver and his legacy. He’s someone who was born here in Missouri, he’s someone who grew up as an artist and creative and because of racism and because of the restrictions through black folks and employment opportunities, he then pivoted and became one of the greatest farmers and scientists of all time.”

George Washington Carver Farms is still looking to do more. They are already donating food grown to community organizations, but they need more funding to branch out.

“The sooner that we have more of a sense of urgency around this work, and not just supporting us, but supporting other people that are doing this work as well, will lead to a better St. Louis,” Speed said.

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