‘I was freaked out’ Arrow hits St. John home weeks after another arrow found in next-door-neighbor’s yard

Published: Jan. 27, 2023 at 7:17 PM CST
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ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOV) - It’s not something you expect to see in your backyard or on your house.

Two arrows were found by next-door neighbors in a neighborhood in St. John in St. Louis County. One arrow was found in a yard in late November, another could be seen sticking out of the back of a house this week.

When Tina Abbacchi saw an arrow lying in her front yard, she had her worries.

“I was freaked out,” said Abbacchi.

Then this week after the snow hit, she was looking around when she found a second arrow sticking straight out of her next-door neighbor’s home.

“Definitely was concerned the first time and seeing it stuck in a house and how much damage it could have done to a person was more concerning,” said Abbacchi.

The neighbor Jamie Conner declined to speak on camera but told News 4 he heard it hit his home and didn’t think much of it. Once he saw it, he wasn’t sure whether to think it was an accident or something else.

He filed a police report.

St. John Police Chief Robert Connell told us over the phone they’re treating this as a serious incident and are actively investigating. They don’t believe there is malicious intent and think it’s likely a case of somebody missing during target practice.

Also, he said it’s illegal to shoot arrows in city limits.

Abbachi and Conner are waiting for answers.

“It’s hard to tell where this could have come from. It seems like a direct hit because the arrow was straight in line into the back of this house,” said Abbachi.

Ideally, there won’t be more arrows in the neighborhood, one that Abbachi said is filled with children in the mid-afternoon.

“That could be detrimental to a small child just innocently walking back and forth to and from school,” said Abbacchi.

Back in 2011, a woman was hit by an arrow and injured while having breakfast at her kitchen table in St. John. That appeared to be a misfire from a man practicing archery.