Speed limit lowered in Old Town Historic District of Cottleville

Published: Jan. 20, 2023 at 6:31 PM CST
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ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOV) - The City of Cottleville lowered the speed limit from 25 to 20 miles per hour on all streets in the Old Town Historic District area. Wade Brewer owns Plank Road Pizza on Highway N in the historic district. He’s in favor of the lower speed limit.

“Well obviously in an area that encourages pedestrian traffic as well as golf cart traffic, we’re all for slowing the cars down and making things any safer that we can,” he said.

City Aldermen recently voted to lower speed limits on about a dozen streets in the historic district and other places. Rich Francis is the city administrator.

“The elected officials were getting concerns from the people visiting those places that the speed limit was too fast. They didn’t feel safe walking right next to the traffic,” he said.

The city also lowered the speed limit in the Madison Park subdivision from 25 to 20. Francis said some residents requested the reduction, in part because of the narrow streets and because the neighborhood has a large population of older adults.

Barbara Sims is one of those older adult residents but she’s not in favor of the slower speeds.

“I just think it’s too low. I think 25 is a good speed limit for a subdivision. If people will abide by it,” she said.

Francis said the decision to lower speed limits was strictly about safety and there was no plan to write more speeding tickets.