Cardinals Players Flock to the Baseball Performance Lab in Louisiana

The Baseball Performance Lab has become a hotspot for Paul Goldschmidt and Nolan Arenado
Published: Dec. 27, 2022 at 9:44 PM CST
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ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOV) - This offseason many of your favorite Cardinals players are stopping by Baton Rogue Louisiana, not for the food (even though it’s surely a pitstop), they’re instead making a business trip to the Baseball Performance Lab.

There, founder Liam Mucklow is using science and technology to produce a custom bat that helps players, like Paul Goldschmidt, maximize their production at the plate.

“We call that the space suit,” said Mucklow on the technology. “Basically, you’ve got twelve electromagnetic sensors on your body. Hands, wrists shoulders, ankles, and the bat as well. That system gives us the most accurate possible movement data. It really gives us the opportunity to understand how the athlete and the bat work together. "

Mucklow is the man behind the machine aka the Baseball Performance Lab which is on the campus of the Marruci Sports Headquarters where they can make custom bats for the athletes.

Their goal is to help the hitters in their journey to craft the perfect swing, by making the connection between athletes’ bodies and their bats.

“These guys come down, we go through some testing we see an opportunity to make a change,” said Mucklow. “We go literally across the street and their bat makers have a new product for us to test in like 20 minutes, so it’s incredible.”

For Liam, his business didn’t start with a baseball bat but with a golf club instead. The former professional golfer was approached by a CAA baseball agent about using technology used by golfers for club fitting but for baseball instead.

“We’ve spent the last three and a half years working hard to take the 20 years of golf club experience we’ve been doing and seeing how we can show a little love to the hitters,” said Mucklow. " Because it’s not easy and I would say that the pitchers have gotten a lot of love from the technology side.”

So now Louisiana has become a hot spot for baseball players looking to improve their game so that they can continue to win awards like Paul Goldschmidt and Nolan Arenado.

“For any golfers out there watching, I would say Paul Goldschmidt is like the Pawdrige Harrington of the baseball world,” said Mucklow of Goldschmidt. “He’s very very intelligent and very thoughtful in every process he goes through. Nolan is the same deal in his own way. Different personality, great guy, just wants to make sure that every little piece of what he does is helping him squeeze that last little bit out.”

For more information on the Baseball Performance Lab, you can visit their website.