Documents show STL CityWide illegally evicted a tenant, attorney says they refuse to give back apartment and possessions

Published: Nov. 28, 2022 at 10:23 PM CST
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ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOV) - Homeless people sleeping in stairwells, car break-ins, and broken down elevators; all issues Art Loft residents have brought to News 4. Residents said there have been issues for the last year, but now, the court is getting involved after one tenant was wrongfully evicted.

“We just wanted to move downtown. We just heard some things about the place, it’s right next to the City Museum,” Dalton Huegerich said.

Huegerich moved into Art Loft in March. This summer brought some unexpected hurdles for him.

“My truck was down. I had no truck for like two months, that’s why we were behind on rent in the first place,” Huegerich said.

In August, Huegerich was served by his landlord with a court order to pay his rent.

“He showed up at court and he entered into what’s called a consent judgment, where he agreed upon an amount to pay and a deadline for paying it,” Ron Eisenberg said.

Eisenberg’s a civil litigation attorney. He’s representing Huegerich now. Eisenberg said Huegerich made the payments by the date ordered by Jude Rochelle Woodiest.

“After we paid, we thought everything was good. Then, October 26th, the sheriff came and kicked us out, wouldn’t let us grab anything, any of our things, they changed the locked,” Huegerich said.

Huegerich and his girlfriend said they were forced out of the building and were left homeless.

“I’m baffled as to how this happened and why this happened because the judgment wasn’t for possession of the property. What that means is even if [Huegerich] hadn’t paid anything, the landlord didn’t have the right for the sheriff to come and evict,” Eisenberg said.

For the last month, Huegerich has paid out of pocket for a small hotel room nearby. In November, court records show Judge Woodiest ruled in favor of Huegerich forcing his landlord to give back his keys and possession of his unit. However, when Huegerich returned, he said he couldn’t even access his unit.

“To prevent me from going there and accessing it, they’ve removed our door and put a piece of plywood up, and removed our electric meter,” Huegerich said.

Art Loft is owned by STL CityWide, according to their own website. However, Central PM, LLC is the one suing Huegerich, and Missouri’s Secretary of State’s website shows it’s the same owners of STL CityWide and Lux Living. We called their attorney listed on the court case, Nick Meador. After asking for an interview, Meador said he’d return our call. He never called back.

“I’ve been in practice for over 20 years, and I’ve never seen something like this where a landlord thinks they can just do what they want,” Eisenberg said.

For now, Huegerich is still living at a hotel.

“It’s been real tough, especially during the holiday season. We’ve dealt with some personal things this time of year and it’s just a hard time of year for us as it is,” Huegerich said.

Central PM, LLC filed another lawsuit against Huegerich for not paying rent, again. The tenant’s attorney said they’re going to court in December to hold Central PM, LLC in contempt, forcing them to give his rent back.

On Dec. 6 documents show the court found Central PM, LLC in contempt of court and has ordered them to comply with the November ruling and give Huegerich back possession of the apartment.

To help Huegerich and his family, you can donate here.