Exclusive poll shows Missourians would strongly support former President Trump in 2024 rematch with President Biden

Published: Nov. 4, 2022 at 6:55 PM CDT
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ST. LOUIS (KMOV) – Exclusive polling released Friday sheds light on how Missourians feel about a potential rematch of the 2020 Presidential Election.

SurveyUSA asked Missouri adults whom they would vote for if Trump and President Joe Biden faced off again in 2024. A majority of the respondents, 52% said they would vote for Trump. Biden received 34% of the vote and 13% said they were undecided. Trump won Missouri in 2020 with 56.81% of the vote, while Biden had 41.42% of the vote.

Pollsters also asked how a Congressional candidate claiming the 2020 Presidential election was stolen from Former President Donald Trump would impact their vote. Of those polled, 41% said a candidate claiming the election was stolen from Trump would make them less likely to vote for that individual, while 24% responded it would make them more likely to vote for that candidate. 30% stated it made no difference how and 5% were not sure.

When asked their thoughts on filibusters. 33% of those surveyed responded that the filibuster should be left alone, 24% want the filibuster eliminated entirely, 23% said they were not sure and 19% want it to be made more difficult to filibuster.

The survey also asked if the respondents agree or disagree with the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade. Most respondents, 48%, said they disagree with the decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, 33% agreed with the decision and 20% said they were not sure.

Respondents were then asked if they were concerned about a potential increase in COVID-19 cases in the coming months. 34% of respondents said they were somewhat concerned, 25% said they were not concerned, 22% said they were not concerned at all, 15% were very concerned and 4% were not sure.

Lastly, the group was asked what the federal government should do regarding student loan debt forgiveness. The largest percentage of respondents, 28%, stated there should be no forgiveness on student loan debt. 23% sided for all student loan debt to be forgiven and 17% said student loans should be forgiven for all lower-income Americans. There was a tie with 12% for some student loan forgiveness for all Americans and some student loan forgiveness for lower-income Americans.

About the poll

SurveyUSA interviewed 1,200 Missouri adults online from Oct. 27 through Nov. 1, 2022. The sample was provided by Lucid Holdings LLC or New Orleans. The poll was exclusive for Gray Television’s Missouri stations (KMOV-TV in St. Louis, KCTV-TV in Kansas City, KYTV-TV in Springfield, KFVS-TV in Cape Girardeau, WGEM-TV in Quincy, IL; and KYOU-TV in Ottumwa, IA), and for KRCG-TV in Jefferson City and KOAM-TV in Pittsburg, KS.

Of the adults, 991 were identified as being registered to vote, of which 791 were determined to be likely to vote or to already have voted in the upcoming general election and were asked the questions. The pool of respondents was weighted to United States Census targets for gender, age, race, education, and home ownership.

Only those determined to be likely to vote or to have already cast their ballots in the general election were asked the question about if they would be more likely to vote for a Congressional candidate that claims the 2020 Presidential election was stolen from Trump.

The 991 adults who said they were registered to vote were the only ones asked questions regarding a potential 2024 rematch between Trump and Biden, and about the filibuster.

The entire pool of 1,200 Missouri adults was asked about the Supreme Court decision, the potential increase in COVID-19, and student loan forgiveness.