Meet Webster University’s unrelated look-alikes

Published: Nov. 3, 2022 at 5:53 PM CDT
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(KMOV) -- They grew up in the Kansas City area with so much in common, people thought they were twins. After losing contact for a few years, they were surprised to find each other again as freshmen at a college in St. Louis.

Eva and Micha have the same last name, Parsons, are the same age, and dress alike. Everyone they went to elementary school with thought they were twins. The two met in kindergarten and Micha “wasn’t a huge fan of hers at first impression. She wasn’t a huge fan of me either.”

“Friendship started off a little rocky as he stole my fancy markers, so I was pretty mad,” Eva said.

The duo soon found out they had a lot more in common. They both had brothers the same age, and remarkably, their families lived only a few houses apart. They became best friends.

They lost contact when Micah moved away .. and now, years later, the two found each other again at Webster University by pure coincidence.

Watch the video above for more about Eva and Micah.