AD Fact Check | Gov. JB Pritzker’s attack on opponent Sen. Darren Bailey’s school

Published: Oct. 31, 2022 at 7:44 PM CDT
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ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOV) - As the Nov. 8 midterm elections approach, News 4 has been digging through political ads to fact-check them. News 4 went through the details of an ad funded by Illinois Gov. J. B. Pritzker against his republican opponent, Illinois State Sen. Darren Bailey.

Here is the breakdown of the claims made in the ad.

“Did you know Darren Bailey runs a school?”

This claim is: True

On Senator Bailey’s website, his bio states that he and his wife, Cindy founded Full Armor Christian Academy in Louisville, Illinois, in 2016.

“.....and they use quite the curriculum. The same one that taught lessons like women in the workforce have been harmful to America.”

This claim is: True

Bailey’s school uses curriculum from Bob Jones University. Scrolling through the school’s Facebook page, pictures were posted this summer showing the staff bringing home curriculum from the university.

The quote about women in the workforce being harmful to America is a direct quote from a BJU textbook on United States history.

In a letter sent to News 4, BJU Press said this was taken out of context when describing the contribution of women on the home front in World War II.

News 4 got a copy of the page the quote is pulled from. It said, “Women also became more financially independent, which in some cases led to marital tensions when husbands returned after the war.”

“Evolution isn’t real. Dinosaurs and humans were definitely on earth at the same time.”

This claim is: True

While this is not an exact quote, an excerpt from BJU’s life and science book published in 2007 said, “The biblical account of creation says that God made the land and animals on the sixth day, the same day that he made Adam and Eve. Therefore, dinosaurs and men must have lived together.”

“Gay people have no more claims to special rights than child molesters and rapists.”

The claim is: True

In the letter sent to us from BJU, they said, “They are unsure of the origin of that alleged quotation.”

Continuing in the letter, they said, “They were unable to locate the statement.’

News 4 ordered the book and found the quote on page 33 of BJU Press’ “Teacher’s Resource Guide to Current Events for Christian Schools.”

The statement is under a heading, “A right to immorality?”

It went on to say the constitution was never designed to “Protect immoral actions.”

“The majority of slaveholders treated their slaves well.”

The claim is: True

BJU Press admits this is a real quote from one of their books, but they also admit the statement is “irresponsible and untrue.”

When News 4 reached out to the Bailey campaign for a response, they sent the letter from BJU Press that confirmed a majority of the quotes.

“The school does not teach any of these things, nor has it ever,” the campaign said.