Get To Know Michael Sinclair!

Michael Sinclair is running for Missouri State Senate District 2.
Michael Sinclair
Michael Sinclair(Michael Sinclair)
Published: Oct. 20, 2022 at 12:13 PM CDT
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Party Affiliation: Democrat

Residence: O’Fallon, MO

Background in 500 words or less:

Immigrant. Came to USA 22 Years ago as a Student with $700. Went to College to pursue my MBA. Worked through College, on campus , on minimum wage. Worked at the Dinning Hall, Fast Food restaurant (on campus) and the Library. Enjoyed every minute of my journey. I have been through the grind. I have lived through the challenges of the Lower and Middle income individuals and families. I believe in continuous improvement. I love living in Missouri and raising a family here. I am running for Missouri State Senate District 2, so I can give back to the community that has given me and my family so much. I believe in Positive Politics.

Top Issues (500 words or less):

I believe in:

Positive Politics

Women’s Right to Bodily Autonomy

Common Sense Gun Law Reforms

Equal Rights and Opportunities for All

A healthy balance between generating revenue and improving quality of life

Holding elected representatives accountable for their actions

Addressing and resolving small issues before they become big

Affordable healthcare for all

Defending worker’s rights

Job creation for all skill sets

Improving relations between the police and public

Finding common ground between opposing parties

Do you support an individual’s right to access abortion? Yes

Do you agree with the Supreme Court’s decision overturning Roe v. Wade? No

Missouri ranks 49th in the nation in state funding for schools.  Would you like to see additional funding? Yes

Do you support the new Missouri law that bans books with explicit or sexually inappropriate images in Missouri schools? No

Do you support getting rid of personal property tax? No

Do you think the 2020 Presidential election was fair? Yes

Do you support President Biden’s student debt relief plan? Yes

Do you support voter ID laws?  No

Do you support the legalization of marijuana? Yes

Does law enforcement need more funding than it receives currently? Yes

Do you support a path for young immigrants brought to the United States as Children? Yes

Would you support refugees moving to your state/community? Yes