Mother says school lied about body slamming incident before video surfaced on social media

Cahokia High School student seen in social media video
Published: Oct. 1, 2022 at 10:22 PM CDT
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CAHOKIA HEIGHTS (KMOV) - The mother of a high school student who was slammed by a security guard told News 4 that school officials led her to believe the incident wasn’t as bad as it appeared in a social media video.

Devea Wyatt’s son was captured on cell phone video being body slammed by a Cahokia High School security guard Monday. Wyatt said the high school recently banned students from bringing snacks into the school, and her son had brought candy into the school.

Wyatt said she went to the school shortly after the incident happened because her daughter called her about the situation.

“The two security guards that sat in the office with me saying ‘well, that didn’t happen. They’re being overdramatic,’” Wyatt said. “About an hour or two later, I get a video sent to me and I’m looking at it and I’m like--and all of a sudden my demeanor just change. Like, are you serious? Why you cuffing a kid over some candy? They just sit in my face and totally lied to me and told me that this didn’t happen and now I’m looking at a video that says otherwise. He ain’t been in school since.”

Wyatt told News 4 she asked the principal of the school to view surveillance video from inside the school of the incident, but she was denied.

The Cahokia School District turned down News 4’s multiple requests for an in-person interview.

The district issued the following statement:

“As a part of our investigation, it was determined that the security guard acted in accordance with required procedures based on the student’s actions which were not seen on video.”

“It wasn’t justified. Not over no candy,” Wyatt added.