News 4 Investigates: Pink Power shuts down

Published: Sep. 22, 2022 at 6:39 PM CDT
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ST. LOUIS (KMOV) -- A solar power company exposed by News 4 Investigates this week has now shut its doors nationwide.

A letter sent to all employees told them they no longer had jobs. Customers are contacting New 4′s Chief Investigative Reporter Lauren Trager wondering what to do next after they say they were burned by the solar company.

The company, called Pink Energy and formerly Powerhome Solar had a local office in Maryland Heights.

More people are coming forward saying the company was not providing the service it said it would.

“It was your reporting that triggered me to call you to hear after I heard about all the complaints,” said Daniel Paulino.

He, like many others in the region, hired Pink Energy to put solar panels on his home.

But he and others say they overpromised and underdelivered.

His panels, he says, aren’t putting out what was promised, and were even broken completely for three months.

“Extremely annoying. Here I am thinking I am saving and thinking why isn’t my bill going down, by nothing,” said Paulino.

There were similar concerns from other people around the region. The company was facing an alert from the BBB and has been facing scrutiny nationwide.

But now, they’ve learned the company appears to have gone belly up.

A letter that News 4 has learned was sent to all Pink Energy employees Wednesday said their employment is terminated effective immediately.

It reads: “The increase in service calls combined with an unexpected and drastic decline in sales and increase in post-sales cancellations have now forced us to make the decision to close our doors completely and immediately.”

That is now leaving many local customers to wonder what will happen next.

particularly when facing long-term loans and tens of thousands of dollars in debt.

Paulino says he wants elected officials to get involved, and perhaps even file a class action lawsuit.

“At the bare minimum they need to reimburse customers that they oversold and have not delivered, they have just not delivered,” Paulino said.

Pink Energy had been blaming a vendor for their problems, something the vendor disputed.

The Missouri attorney general says they have an open investigation against the company that will not cease now that it has closed up shop.

Missourians who have a complaint about a business are encouraged to file a complaint with the Missouri Attorney General’s Office by calling the Consumer Protection Hotline at 800-392-8222 or submitting a complaint online at

News 4 reached out to representatives for Pink Energy, both its president and public relations team, but has not heard back. The company’s main number appears to be disconnected.