Man charged with assaulting officers at Metro East nightclub

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Published: Aug. 30, 2022 at 12:17 PM CDT
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ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOV) - A man has been charged with assaulting and resisting two officers at a Metro East nightclub on April 20.

Leland Cherry Jr. is charged with two counts each of aggravated battery to a peace officer and resisting a peace officer. He is also charged with one count of aggravated assault.

The incident took place at Scarlett’s Night Club. Officials said Cherry knowingly caused bodily harm to officer Carey Harrison when he grabbed and threw him to the ground. Cherry also provoked officer Stanley Clemons when he made physical contact by knocking his hat from his head. Officers said he made verbal threats toward Clemons. When both of the Washington Park police officers tried to remove Cherry from the nightclub, he resisted, refusing to follow lawful orders.

Cherry is being held on a $50,000 bail.