Rock Hill residents want answers about crumbling flood wall before next rain event happens

“I was in shock,” one resident told News 4. “I didn’t know what to do.”
Published: Aug. 5, 2022 at 10:15 PM CDT
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ST. LOUIS (KMOV) - Rock Hill residents are frustrated following the third flooding event in the last week. Now, homeowners are worried their retaining wall is faulty after a section collapsed at some point in the last seven days.

“There was a shed here with a mower and lawn equipment and it just got washed away,” resident Julia Lohmeyer said.

Lohmeyer is still in disbelief how flood water, several feet tall, just days ago washed away the damage from last week’s historic flash flooding.

“I’ve lived here nine years and we’ve had three flood events in the last week.,” Lohmeyer explained. “Someone has six feet of water in their basement. every house on this block has water this week. One house had water coming in their front door because the sewers were backing up.”

As of Wednesday night, the basement flooded for now a third time.

“Something is failing and we need to address that,” Lohmeyer said.’

The Warson Woods Creek that feeds into Deer Creek is now recessed back to its normal stream, but a shocking revaluation three doors down.

“The water was so high, just over the fence. It was unreal,” Lohmeyer’s neighbor, Jamie Lohr said.

The pressure of the floodwater caused a section of retaining wall behind Lohr’s house to burst.

Now it lays in the creek bed, setting up bigger problems if another rain event did happen.

“I didn’t know water had this kind of power,” Lohr said.

Residents went to city hall to get answers but were turned away. The city said it’s up to MSD.

“That’s something we have to address,” MSD Spokesperson Sean Hadley said.

Lohmeyer said she’s had a tough time getting MSD to confirm if it is responsible for the retaining wall or not.

News 4 called MSD for answers. A spokesperson met us on location in less than an hour. Hadley said Friday was the first time hearing about this situation.

“We are going to work through the weekend. Hopefully have someone here as early as tomorrow, Saturday. if not, first thing Monday or Tuesday,” Hadley said.

Hadley said the wall will be replaced with large rocks that form a blockade to prevent any further erosion.

An orange fence stands as a temporary fix.

“Absolutely helpless,” Lohr shared. “I’m just waiting until the next storm, then what?”

Lohmeyer now fears the same damage to the flood wall behind her property is only a matter of time.

She said she knows it can be worse. Her priority is making sure her family and neighbors don’t wake up to this kind of flooding again.

“It was awful,” Lohmeyer explained. “The kids are home for summer so they saw everything happen. it’s just stuff, and we are okay but it’s still hard and irreplaceable stuff.

Hadley said in the last week, MSD has answered 3,000 calls from the City of St. Louis, out into the county.

Following News 4′s calls to MSD, residents said crews came out to clear clogged sewers in the area.

Hadley did make a point, that on several occasions, MSD is not flood control. The agency tackles sewer backups in basements for example. Hadley said when a creek jumps out of its banks, that’s up to municipalities to fix.