Mystery surrounds St. Louis County GOP primary election win

Published: Aug. 3, 2022 at 6:53 PM CDT
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ST. LOUIS COUNTY (KMOV) -- The biggest surprise of the August 2 primary election in the St. Louis area was the victory of a political newcomer in the Republican primary in the race for St. Louis County executive. In her first run for political office, Katherine Pinner defeated State Rep. Shamed Dogan, a seasoned politician.

Ken Warren is a political science professor at Saint Louis University.

“She hasn’t had any political experience and she came out of nowhere to win it. And not only did she win, she won by 12 percentage points. So it was a resounding win for her,” he said.

Pinner didn’t file a financial disclosure form with the Missouri Ethics Commission. It appears that she didn’t raise any money or do any campaigning.

An online biography states that Pinner graduated from Lindbergh High School, is the daughter of Croatian immigrants and a published author. The website also says she’s the widow of a decorated Navy serviceman and has worked at construction and technology service companies.

She’s not well known among Republican party leaders, who were surprised by her victory.

“Total surprise, total surprise,” said Renee Artman.

Artman is a member of the St. Louis County Republican Party steering committee. She said no one has been able to make contact with Pinner.

“As Republicans, we want to help her defeat Sam Page but we cannot do that if we cannot be in contact with her,” she said.

News 4 went by Pinner’s South County home near Grant’s Farm but she wasn’t there. An email address and phone number for her were no longer valid. One of several relatives who were sent text messages said they’d pass along a phone number and ask her to call.

“We’re friendly, she’s a very nice person,” said Marion Thomas.

Thomas has lived across the street from Pinner for 20 years and was excited to hear about her neighbor’s election victory.