NEW VIDEO: Soulard neighbors capture thieves dumping stolen Kias in their private parking lot

Published: Jul. 20, 2022 at 10:20 PM CDT
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ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOV) -It’s a crime trend spilling into a Soulard woman’s backyard. Cameras catching people dumping stolen Kias into a parking lot on Bohemian Hill.

“We saw our lot being cased and that’s when they started doing the dumping here, says homeowner Ann Austin. One of the things the police did say was don’t approach them. They’re armed.”

Surveillance footage did capture the suspects on foot. Neighbors tell New 4, at least 6 stolen Kias have been parked in the private lot and picked up within a week.

In June, 155 Kias were reported stolen to St. Louis City Police.

“They’re hotwiring them and they’re driving around doing whatever they want with them and they’re dropping them off here,” says tenant Trenton Jaco.

Jaco is in the process of moving out of the neighborhood.

“They’re younger kids. 15-18 for sure,” Jaco says. I came out there one day two new Kias, the next day another Kia. It’s like their little storage area back here.”

“The threat that I feel is walking out my back door because I came face to face with one of the kids one day,” says Austin.

Neighbors believe the same group stole a woman’s Kia next door.

“I pay my taxes and I call the police. I want them to come, says Austin. We’ve got motion lights and cameras all over this lot. We’ve got footage. We’ve sent so much in,” says Austin.

According to St. Louis Police, a detective and captain have received the case.

“It really does feel like we’re running in fear of a bunch of kids who unfortunately are getting their needs met by belonging to groups that do these things. That to me is the sad part,” Austin says.

“If you have a Kia in St. Louis you need to make sure it’s locked, says Jaco. You need to be watching it.”