O’Fallon IL Fire, Police seeing decrease in fireworks-related calls during July 4th weekend

Published: Jul. 3, 2022 at 10:18 PM CDT
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O’FALLON, Ill.(KMOV) - As of Sunday, officials with O’Fallon Fire Rescue in Illinois reported no fireworks-related fires so far during the Independence Day holiday weekend.

Fire Chief Brad White told News 4 O’Fallon officials have done a good job putting out the reminder that personal fireworks are illegal under state law and the city ordinance.

“So far, so good,” White said. “Usually, every year we have at least one fire. None this year. In fact, when I was talking to the PD yesterday, their call numbers are somewhat down as well.”

“It’s been illegal for almost ever,” said Dan Ebbing with Fireworks Authority, the professional Quincy-based fireworks service conducting O’Fallon’s fireworks display Sunday night. “We don’t encourage the local homeowner to do it. I mean--I hear of the accidents all the time.”

Chief White said there are about 9,000 people a year injured by fireworks nationwide, and around 20,000 fires a year caused by fireworks.

White added the recent rain lowered the fire risk, and it may have kept some people from lighting off personal fireworks. With one more day left in the holiday, fire crews are bracing for a heat wave on top of Independence Day on Monday.

“For a fire, our guys are at 60 pounds or so of their gear on there,” White said. “That’s heat exhaustion waiting to happen. So, if we can avoid that by not having those unnecessary fires, that actually protects us and keeps our guys safe.”