St. Louis County councilman says he received anonymous video of county employee engaging in sex act

Published: Jun. 29, 2022 at 5:13 PM CDT
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ST. LOUIS COUNTY (KMOV) -- St. Louis County Councilman Mark Harder was sent an anonymous video of a county employee engaging in a sex act on county property, a press release from Harder said.

Harder turned over the video to law enforcement to investigate, the release said. Harder called the video “disturbing”. He said the video appeared to be taken in a St. Louis County government office in Clayton. The male in the video was wearing a St. Louis County government ID lanyard that clearly identified him.

Harder said in the release he does not know why or how the man in the video distributed it. The case is now with the Missouri State Highway Patrol to investigate. MSHP told News 4 Thursday there is an active investigation into the matter.

“At the request of the Clayton Police Chief, the Missouri State Highway Patrol’s Division of Drug and Crime Control is investigating an allegation of possible criminal conduct by a county employee in a St. Louis County government building in Clayton, Missouri,” a representative with MSHP said in an email. “The investigation is ongoing and further details can not be released at this time.”

Harder released his full account of the situation in the press release:

“I was provided information from a source who sent me an email containing a disturbing video of

a sexual nature. It would appear the video was recorded by the male participant in a sexual act

with an unknown female. The video was taken in what looks to be a St. Louis County

government office in Clayton on the 9th floor of the Administration building at 41 So. Central

Avenue. The male subject was wearing a St. Louis County government ID lanyard, which clearly

identifies him. It is unknown to me how or why the male participant distributed this video.

Upon advice, believing the female may be the victim of a crime, I met with law enforcement on

Thursday June 23rd and turned over everything I had to them for investigation. The case is now

with the Missouri Highway Patrol to investigate. I have received no word on the status of that

investigation at this time.

My office is releasing this information to the public for the purposes of transparency. Due to the

on-going status and sensitive nature of the investigation, I will not be able to comment further at

this time and will refer all who have questions to the Missouri Highway Patrol 636-300-2800. I

also recommend the County Executive’s Office cooperate fully.”

Mark Harder, St. Louis County councilman

A spokesman for Sam Page’s office sent News 4 a statement Thursday regarding MSHP’s investigation.

“Everyone is looking forward to the Missouri Highway Patrol finding out how Councilman Harder got the video and who he shared it with. No one in the county executive’s office has spoken with the Highway Patrol but we will certainly cooperate fully,” the spokesman said.