St. Charles police academy recruits learn how to use tasers

News 4's Caroline Hecker has been following the recruits at the Eastern Missouri Police Academy for the last six months.
Published: Jun. 24, 2022 at 9:21 AM CDT
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ST. CHARLES (KMOV) -- Recruits at the St. Charles Police Academy didn’t just learn how to use a taser Wednesday. They also had it used on them.

It’s an excruciating lesson but an important one as police recruits near the end of their training in the academy. Probes are placed on the recruits’ backs and after a few seconds, the 5-second taser is deployed.

“It was definitely an interesting experience,” recruit John Whelchel said. “It was a lot more painful than I thought.”

50,000 volts running through the body causes the muscles to contract. Police say often the sight of it creates immediate compliances.

“The ideal shot is to have one probe in your leg and one in your abdomen because then it affects your upper body and lower body at the same time,” Sgt. Dave McCune, an instructor for the academy, said.

McCune said by having recruits experience what it’s like, they’ll be better equipped to handle situations on patrol.

“If they tase someone and they don’t get the reaction that they had when they were tased, then they know they missed or something isn’t right,” Sgt. McCune said.

It’s considered a non-lethal tool and one recruit say is an effective one.

“This is on a different level,” recruit John Arney said. “Macing I was able to run around do an obstacle, handcuff somebody. This totally incapacitated, can’t do a thing...definitely an effective weapon.”