Couple says Ameren truck driver hit their car, fled crash scene and lead them on chaotic chase

Published: Jun. 21, 2022 at 10:27 PM CDT
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ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOV) - An Ameren truck driver is under investigation after being accused of leaving the scene of an accident.

Ronnekia Little tells News 4 she was finishing up a Door Dash delivery in South City when her car was hit by the utility driver.

“He was trying to lose us. Running lights, running stop signs, and just taking us on a whole other side of St. Louis,” says Little.

The college student says the crash quickly morphed into a hit-and-run after the driver hopped in his truck and took off on Jefferson Avenue.

“The Ameren driver was already backing out the alley as if he was trying to flee the scene after he said to follow him for the insurance,” she says.

Ronnekia says she was in the passenger’s seat as her boyfriend drove behind the utility truck until they reached the intersection of 18th and Utah. It was the last cross streets she could remember before she claims they were attacked by two more men.

“We made the loop right after the Ameren truck and they threw the wood over their heads and shattered everything on the windshields,” says Little.

According to Little, the two men were waiting for them to arrive. She contends they are responsible for destroying her windshield and shooting at her car.

“We’re headed to the police station. We hear two or three shots fired. One of them most definitely hit the car because we heard it. So now, we are like ducking down while my boyfriend’s driving,” she says.

While the couple believes the men are related to the Ameren truck driver, police have not confirmed that information to News 4.

“This car was practically new. I just got it two months ago. Now there are cracks on the windshield, the mirror is hanging, the door handle no longer works, the dents, the scrapes, and there’s also a bullet hole in the back,” Little says.

St. Louis Metropolitan Police and Ameren are conducting separate investigations and are unable to release details at this time. Ameren released the following statement:

“The St. Louis City Police Department was called and they responded to this incident. The police are conducting an investigation, which is ongoing, and we’re cooperating with authorities on this matter. Ameren will also investigate the incident.”

“It’s traumatizing. I still think about it when I’m riding around and going through my day,” she said.