STL County stops construction at Spanish Cove complex after News 4 investigation

Published: Jun. 17, 2022 at 10:25 PM CDT
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Spanish Lake (KMOV) - St. Louis County has put a stop to renovations and construction plans at Spanish Cove apartments following a News 4 investigation.

“They were installing cabinets, open electric wiring, and doing some drywall work. None of that work had been permitted through our system,” says Dave Wrone of the St. Louis County Public Works Department.

According to the county, the owners of the complex, Pepper Pike Management, failed to get the proper permits and permission to begin a $16 million construction project. Management is now facing a maximum $500 fine.

“Anytime our permit process is ignored or overlooked that’s certainly not something we look fondly upon, says Wrone. “It’s a situation where we have to limit ourselves to what we are legally able to do and at this point, we’re doing it.”

News 4 spotted Devon Burk at Spanish Cove Friday helping his 55-year-old mother-in-law move out.

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“They’re greasy slime balls. That’s the PG version of what I think of them,” says Burk.

This comes after News 4 exposed management for delivering vacate notices to tenants without explanation to make way for construction.

“To be told she has to get out with no compensation and no help from them saying we are going to help you move or anything like that, yeah it’s frustrating,” says Burk.

His mother-in-law is on disability and will now have to move in with Burk and his family.

“She just had a double knee replacement. Finding a place to live in 30 days without any help from anybody, that’s hard,” he says. “They’re not hearing any of that.”

Pepper Pike and code enforcement plan to meet next week.

Property owners released this statement Friday:

“We were very excited to begin our nearly $16 million redevelopment of the Spanish Cove townhomes. St. Louis County has informed us we need additional permits which we will be applying for early next week.”