Wentzville parents address bullying concerns at board meeting

Published: Jun. 16, 2022 at 10:42 PM CDT
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WENTZVILLE (KMOV) -- Several parents in the Wentzville School District addressed their concerns with bullying in schools Thursday.

Parents are speaking up after a student poured chocolate milk on another student in the school cafeteria, then began punching her seconds later. In 2019 a similar incident happened at a Wentzville school where a boy got punched several times and was caught on camera.

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“As a parent, no one wants to see their child go through that,” Wentzville parent Patrick Vining said.

A third grader recalled at Thursday’s board meeting of how he was bullied by a 6th grader.

“From kindergarten to 2nd grade, I was bullied by a 6th grader. I got kicked in the neck three times. I felt helpless,” the boy said in front of board members.

After hearing public comment, the board is now discussing how policies could change.

“We care about this issue, about safety within our schools,” Jason Goodson, vice president of the Wentzville School Board, said during the meeting. “It’s not an easy solution in my eyes, it will take time.”

Other board members said it is essential to involve parents, students and teachers to be able to move forward.

“We as a collective community, community members... all have to work together,” Board Member Betsy Bates said. “How to get more involved, bring families, bring parents and make a commitment to really improving it.”

News 4 will check in the fall to see what changes have been made in the district to mitigate bullying.