ISP looking to add 300+ troopers statewide, in the Metro East

St. Clair County’s district is second-busiest in state
Published: May. 17, 2022 at 9:37 PM CDT
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ST. CLAIR COUNTY (KMOV) - The Illinois State Police (ISP) is looking to recruit at least 300 new troopers.

ISP points to the state signing off on the new budget.

“This is the biggest budget that we have ever had, and the most academy classes that we’ve ever tried to run,” said southern region Recruitment Coordinator Calvin Dye Jr. “All police departments nationwide...all professions in general want to add people.”

Troopers start off at just under $65,000 a year, consistently one of the highest in the nation for police agencies, according to Dye.

The new Lateral Entry Training Program will incorporate much of the current Fast Track Program curriculum and time frame, but provides for training to take place regionally. Changes include:

• Cadets will report to the ISP Academy for the first three weeks of the Cadet Class.

• Cadets will then return home and report daily to a District Headquarters or similar regional training location to receive in-person and online training, with the ability to return to home at the end of each work day.

• Cadets will return to the Academy during specific phases of their training, however, they will not be required to reside at the Academy for more than three weeks in a row (home for the weekends) and for no more than five weeks total throughout the Cadet Class.

• Cadets will NOT be required to relocate their residence upon graduation.

• Cadets will be eligible for retirement at age 55.

According to ISP, District C, which includes Cook County and Chicago, had the busiest April with 6,320 incidents. District 11, which includes St. Clair County, came in second at 3,039 incidents last month.

Within the last few years, troopers teamed up with East St. Louis PD to help the understaffed police department.

“Even the Illinois State Police, we have a partnership with them right now,” said Johnathan Marchbanks, who is a program manager for Teens Against Killing Everywhere, a nonprofit in East St. Louis placing at-risk kids in workforce programs. “The police force needs to be supported and working with the police can curtail some of the issues that we’re seeing in our community. We are working for the common goal, and that is to ensure that communities like East St. Louis are successful.”

Interested applicants can contact Calvin Dye Jr. at 217-685-4752 and/or Illinois State Police.