St. Charles County investigating potential voter fraud after April election

Published: Apr. 28, 2022 at 5:11 AM CDT
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ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOV) - The head of St. Charles County Election Authority says potential voter fraud occurred in the most recent election and police are now investigating.

“When I come across fraud like this time I immediately report it to the authorities,” explained Kurt Bahr, the St. Charles County Election administrator.

On April 5 at the polling precinct in Augusta, a group of Republican and Democratic election judges discovered an error with the polling Ipad. They found that even though the judges voted absentee when they searched their names, it wasn’t registering and would allow them to vote again. Bahr says when they discovered that error, they proceeded to process through the iPad and one of the judges cast a second vote.

At Monday night’s St. Charles County council meeting, one of the judges spoke before the council about what happened. He explained they discovered the error.

“We all agreed we should stress test the system by casting a second ballot. So one judge did and it went right through,” explained the speaker.

Whatever the intent was, voting more than once is a federal offense punishable by fines and possible jail time. The St. Charles County Police Department is now investigating the potential voter fraud and the Missouri Secretary of State’s Office says they are aware of the situation.

“If there had been an actual problem we would have caught it,” explained Bahr.

Bahr explained there are a series of checks and balances including testing equipment before the election, the judges themselves and the multi-step verification process after the election.

“I don’t think the general public understands all the layers of auditing and security we have within our system. So my biggest concern is the public perception that our elections aren’t fair, aren’t secure, which I would say they are,” said Bahr.

Bahr says there was in fact a problem with the ipad system. They discovered it likely impacted about 300 voters that voted absentee but could have voted a second time. But they checked the system and found no one other than the judge voted twice.

“We’re still working with the vendor to see if we can figure out exactly what caused this issue,” said Bahr.