Family, law enforcement search for missing 26-year-old Creve Coeur man in Madison County, Mo.

Family is holding out hope that Timmy Dees is found alive.
Published: Apr. 12, 2022 at 9:43 PM CDT
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FREDERICKTOWN, Mo. (KMOV) - Timmy Dees’ mother is still holding onto memories of her son, who just turned 26 on Sunday.

“He was very sweet and funny. He liked to joke around, and dance, and he loved music. He had a wonderful smile,” Barbara Hall said.

Hall and Timmy Dees’ father, Timothy Dees, said they’re so perplexed by his disappearance.

“He would always call one of us for sure. You know, if nothing else just ‘hey Dad, I’m alright’,” Timothy Dees said.

“He’d text me and say ‘I’m okay, Mom’,” Hall explained.

Hall said she was last with Timmy Dees at her home in Jefferson County on February 25. She said her son’s friend, Caleb, picked him up to go to Fredericktown for the weekend.

“Caleb was a childhood friend. So, for Timmy to come with Caleb to come to Fredericktown wasn’t a surprise. Caleb lived here,” Hall said.

Sunday, February 27 was the last time Timmy Dees was heard from. Investigators told News 4 Timmy Dees was last seen on video at a Fredericktown gas station around 1:30 a.m. on February 28.

“He loved his job, Local 6. He had checks at the union hall,” Timothy Dees said.

For the last several years, Timmy Dees worked at St. Louis’ Local 6 as a stage rigger. His father said he loved setting up for concerts and operating the lights. It’s now been six weeks since Timmy Dees was heard from, and his parents have so many questions.

“It’s like he’s vanished,” Hall said.

Hall and Timothy Dees said they’ve been coming to Fredericktown for weeks, searching for their son on their own. They told News 4 Madison County Sheriff’s Office wasn’t helping at first.

“I started coming down. We made fliers, and I would just sit at the courthouse and hand out fliers,” Hall said.

Law enforcement officials believe Timmy Dees was last seen on Madison County Road 277. Tuesday, volunteers searched the area. Officials said a 911 call went out on Timmy Dees’ phone the morning of February 28. It’s unclear who made the 911 call from Timmy Dees’ phone. There were people with him the night of the 27th and morning of the 28th, however, Hall and Timothy Dees said, they haven’t been helpful either.

“I’ve gotten 10 different stories from them, so I don’t know,” Hall said.

Madison and Jefferson County Sheriff’s Offices, along with Missouri State Highway Patrol, are now assisting in the search for Timmy Dees. The family’s even hired a private investigator. The disappearance is even more emotional for the family after suddenly losing their other son in June 2021.

“We love our son, and we just want to find him. There’s no doubt he’s probably not alive, but I just want to find him and put him with his brother where he’d want to be. Whoever did this to my son, has taken everything,” Hall said.

News 4 tried to get in contact with Caleb Nanney, the friend Timmy Dees was allegedly with the day and night leading up to his disappearance. We still have not heard back.