News 4 Investigates new leads in search for pregnant woman’s killer

Sarah Mason’s family refuses to give up on finding her killer.
Published: Apr. 1, 2022 at 6:44 PM CDT
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ST. LOUIS COUNTY (KMOV) - A Missouri family refusing to give up on finding a killer is seeing some progress as they try to fight their case.

It’s been more than four years since Sarah Mason was murdered in her St. John home on Halloween night. Sarah was almost eight months pregnant with a daughter she named Milanie.

No one’s been charged, but Mason’s family recently sued the person they believe is responsible.

Only News 4 has continuously investigated the murder. A recent News 4 Investigation brought up questions leading to new action in court.

Mason’s family says the story brought more attention to the case and led more people to step forward with information, which they hope will ultimately end in charges.

“I can’t grieve, I’m still angry because the person is still out there and so it’s just a never-ending nightmare,” Sarah’s mom Karen Mason said. “Every day is just trying to move forward because there is no joy and it is hell.”

In February the Masons told News 4 Investigates they’d recently filed a civil case for wrongful death against Sarah’s boyfriend, who they claim in the suit is “the father of [Sarah’s] unborn child.”

News 4 Investigates is not naming Sarah’s boyfriend since he’s not been charged criminally. The boyfriend hasn’t responded to the Mason’s lawsuit and never returned News 4 Investigates’ requests for an interview.

The lawsuit alleges Sarah’s boyfriend shot her “in the back of the head” and “then went about covering up the crime” to make it “look like an accidental injury.”

The lawsuit goes on to say Sarah’s boyfriend told police that “he did not know what happened to Sarah Mason and that she must have fallen and hit her head. As a result, the police did not conduct a proper criminal investigation, failing to test [Sarah’s boyfriend’s] hand for gunshot residue and failing to conduct forensic tests that could have aided in the identification and capturing Sarah Mason’s killer, [Sarah’s boyfriend].”

The Masons claim the suit that “the coroner notified law enforcement that the cause of death was a bullet wound to the back of Sarah Mason’s head, and not an accidental fall.”

The Masons now want that lawsuit sealed, explaining they want to make sure anyone who comes forward is protected.

During a recent hearing in St. Louis County Court, the judge set a date for April to review evidence and weigh if the case should be sealed. There is a temporary seal on the case until that hearing.

News 4 Investigates learned both the U.S. Attorney’s Office and ATF are looking into the case. Both declined to comment, saying it’s an active investigation.

The Masons want anyone with information to come forward, saying someone knows what happened that night and could help close this case.