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Saint Louis

High: 41°
Low: 30°

Partly Cloudy

Dew Point: 21°
Visibility: 10.0 miles
Humidity: 75%
Pressure: 30.20 in. -
Sky: Partly Cloudy
Wind: ESE 5 mph
Wind Chill: 23°

Forecast for the next twelve hours

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Forecast data from the National Digital Forecast Database

4Warn Storm Team Forecast

by Steve Templeton

Updated today at 10:39 PM

Wednesday Morning: Upper 20s. Mostly cloudy and a dry morning commute in the metro.  However, snow will develop mid-morning, about 10 AM in St. Louis, and continue into the afternoon mixing with rain at times.  Winds: SE 5 mph.

Wednesday: High 39. Snow showers, mixing with a little rain in the afternoon. Light to moderate from 10AM to 6PM in St. Louis then light to flurries in the evening.  Roads will be slushy/wet as we remain above freezing and expect a lot of melting.  Most accumulation will be on grass and raised surfaces, up to 1" for most with isolated pockets of 1-2" of slushy wet snow. Winds: SE to NW 10-15 mph.

Thanksgiving: Low 29/High 39. Clouds early then partly sunny in the afternoon and chilly. Winds: NW 10 mph.

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