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Saint Louis

High: 95°
Low: 77°

Mostly Cloudy

Dew Point: 73°
Visibility: 10.0 miles
Humidity: 52%
Pressure: 30.08 in. -
Sky: Mostly Cloudy
Wind: Calm
Heat Index: 102°

Forecast for the next twelve hours

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Thunderstorm T-storms
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Forecast data from the National Digital Forecast Database

4Warn Storm Team Forecast

by Steve Templeton

Updated today at 2:18 PM

This Afternoon: High 95. Partly cloudy, hot and humid. Heat index 100 to 106. An isolated, but heavy storm is possible in the afternoon to early evening. Winds: ESE 5-10 mph.

This Evening: Near 90 to 80s.  Isolated heavy storms possible this evening, but generally fading away after sunset near 8pm.  Otherwise warm and muggy.

Thursday Morning: Low 77. Partly cloudy, mild and humid. Cooler outlying areas, but very humid. Winds: Calm.

Thursday: High 93. Partly cloudy. While not as intensely hot, the heat index will reach 100 to 103.   Isolated heavy storms possible in the afternoon, by evening they will be more likely Northeast of St. Louis closer to the warm front. Winds: ESE 5-10 mph.

Friday: Low 76/High 92. Partly cloudy to mostly sunny. A low chance for a spot storm during the day.  But watch for a late evening through Saturday morning storm chance.  Winds: S 5-15 mph.

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