Mother surprised after scantily-clad model shows up at daughter's birthday party


by Angie Weidinger / News 4

Posted on November 19, 2012 at 10:34 PM

Updated Tuesday, Nov 20 at 2:36 PM

ST. LOUIS ( -- A mother was outraged when the princess she hired for her daughter’s birthday party arrived at her door wearing a skimpy outfit.

“She looked like she was coming from a strip club,” said Rachel Klaus who paid Princess for a Day to send “Princess Ariel” to her daughter’s fifth birthday party. 

She thought the princess would be dressed similarly to the characters her daughter recently visited at Walt Disney World.  Instead, Klaus describes the person who came to her door as a “sexy Ariel.”

“You could see 90% of her bra,” said Klaus who paid $50/hour for the service, which was half off the normal price because she used an online coupon.  “She had on a cheap skirt that was falling off of her and I actually had men say at points you could see her thong underwear.”

When she contacted Princess for a Day for an explanation, her email went unanswered for two weeks until she sent another email.  Princess for a Day says it was trying to come up with a response to Klaus’s complaints.

Princess for a Day’s website and Facebook page feature many fully clothed fairy tale princesses, but there are no photos of the Ariel costume online.  Princess for a Day says the costume the Ariel was wearing is the one approved by the company and they have never had any complaints about it.  The business says the costume is actually less racy than other options.

“We tried to make a costume that was a good mixture of a swimsuit and a dress,” said Lisa Grove of Princess for a Day.

Princess for a Day considered this costume the more conservative version.  Grove did apologize and told KMOV the company is now adjusting the Ariel costume so it is less revealing.

Meanwhile, Rachel Klaus is still reeling from her daughter’s birthday surprise.

“I expected to have wonderful photos of this princess and I ended up hardly taking any cause I was so embarrassed by what she was wearing,” said Klaus.