Money Pak scammers steal St. Louis woman's Green Dot funds and bank account info


by Staff

Posted on January 16, 2013 at 10:52 PM

Updated Wednesday, Jan 16 at 11:00 PM

ST. LOUIS ( -- A St. Louis woman thought she was getting a loan, instead she got ripped off in a scheme that’s becoming more common.

Not only did it cost her money, she had to shut down her bank account.

Yvette needed money and she said the caller claimed he could give her some.

“He said you qualify for two thousand dollars, I was like ok” said Yvette.

But she would need to buy a Green Dot Money Pak, the kind you find in pharmacies and stores all over town.

Similar to a gift card, Yvette loaded $177 on her Money Pak.

The caller asked for her Money Pak number to check the funds, along with her bank account number to deposit the cash.

The Money Pak website has even pasted a bold warning: “if someone asks for your Money Pak number it’s probably a scam and if you give your Money Pak number to a criminal Money Pak’s not responsible.

After her money disappeared, Yvette also says suspicious checks were drawn on her bank account.

If you use Money Pak to pay bills there is a list of approved retailers on the Money Pak website.