New phone scam trying to register callers for 'no call list'


by Staff

Posted on February 28, 2013 at 10:34 PM

Updated Thursday, Oct 24 at 2:08 AM

( -- A new phone scam is duping callers into believing the FBI is calling and signing up phone numbers onto the ‘no call list.’

The recordings ask if the resident would like to be placed on the ‘no call list’ and to press ‘9’ but nothing happens.

Manchester resident Don Francis said he has received numerous calls like this and they won’t stop coming. In fact, he has received the same phone call once a week for the past year.

Francis said he did not fall for the line about the call being from the FBI, but he did want his number on the ‘no call list.’ He said he just wanted the calls to go away.

“I’ve pressed ‘9’ many, many times,” said Francis, “They keep calling.”

The Missouri Attorney General’s Office said they have received many complaints about this scam. They also said not to press any button because it confirms the number is a working number.

“I got a person on the phone,” Francis said, “and I told them that if they don’t stop calling, I was going to report them to the attorney. That’s as far as I got and I was cut off.”

The Attorney General’s Office said anyone who receives a call should just hang up. They said don’t press any buttons and don’t give any personal information.

The Attorney General’s Office said the only way to register for the ‘no call list’ is through their office or the Federal Trade Commission’s list.