911 calls from incident where mayor allegedly ran cyclist off road released


by KMOV.com Staff


Posted on August 5, 2014 at 4:34 PM

Updated Tuesday, Aug 5 at 4:51 PM

(KMOV.com) – The audio recordings of the 911 calls from an incident where the mayor of Sunset Hills allegedly ran a cyclist off the road have been released.

Below is the exchange between a witness and a dispatcher and the victim and a dispatcher: 

Witness call:

Dispatcher: Leaving the Scene or Hit and Run?

Caller: Actually a driver hit a bicyclist -and turned around and came back.

Dispatcher:   Is he back?

Caller: Yes

Dispatcher:  Is the cyclist hurt

Caller:  I don't know

Dispatcher:  Are you the one who was hit?


Victim’s call:

Victim:  Yes ma'am

Dispatcher: Are you hurt?

Victim: Um, I'm fine

Dispatcher: Do you need EMS to respond?

Victim: No, but the guy who run me off the road is here

Dispatcher: OK that's all good and fine - we just need to make sure you are OK

Victim: Yes I am

Dispatcher: We will be there shortly.   Do not have words with the driver

Victim: Thank you

Dispatcher: Got it?

Victim: Yes Ma'am

Dispatcher: We will be there shortly.

 Original story is below:

ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOV)  --  The mayor of Sunset Hills, Missouri, Mark Furrer, is being investigated by police after a cyclist said Furrer hit the man while riding a bike.

This allegedly happened Tuesday on Old Gravois Road, near Kennerly Road in South County. 

"He is screaming at me to 'get off my road!' He must have yelled it four or five times," Randy Murdick said.

Murdick said he then yelled back at mayor as he forced him off the road. Murdick said Furrer then took off and stopped at a nearby turnoff.

"He literally just swerved," Murdick said.

Furrer said he yelled at Murdick but only because he claims Murdick ran a stop sign. Furrer told News 4 he did not bump Murdick or force him off the road.

"I should not have yelled at him," Furrer said. "I did not run him off the road."

Police said a report on the incident may be finished by Friday.